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Ottawa Workshops

Workshop: Showgirl Hair with Enshantay





Discover the secrets to showgirl hair with the interactive workshop led by Enshantay ! Learn how to create the perfect pincurl, how to brush out and style, and find out which tools are essential for achieving that iconic showgirl look. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or just looking for a fun new skill, this workshop is for you. Sign up now!

Workshop: Floorwork





In this workshop dedicated to exploring movement on floor, the focus will be on fluidity, shape and sensuality while building strength and flexibility! This is an open workshop for dancers of all levels. Attendees are encouraged to wear kneepads and/or pants. The instructor will do their best to be mindful of injuries and provide alternatives.

Bundle option available for both workshops!

Workshop: Musical Theatre





Dive into the magic of musical theatre in just one hour! No singing involved—this crash course focuses on the theatre side of musical theatre. Learn an immersive choreography, explore fundamental techniques of performing, and experience the thrill of storytelling through movement. Build confidence in being big and expressive, unleash your inner performer, and have a blast with Rebecca Cordage. 

Bundle option available for both workshops!

Workshop: Burlesque Floorwork





This is a 90 minute workshop that explores Intermediate to advanced-level floor work moves and puts them into a burlesque context. Learn to get down and dirty on the floor and back up on your feet again with control and ease. This class will include a warm up/stretch, followed by a breakdown of movement vocabulary and a choreography review. Please bring some form of knee support. Heels are not required, though you may bring them if you want to! Some mobility modifications will be provided.

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