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Toronto Workshops


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Knox Harter takes you through a series of both passive and active stretches focusing on biomechanics and ease in movement as a means to increase flexibility. Knox passes on decades of training experience as a professional dancer in an accessible manner suitable for all body types and skill levels. Whether you’re looking to challenge yourself, or are just beginning your flexibility journey, Knox tailors her class individually to each participant with curated exercises and modifications.



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A two part workshop series on how to become a gogo dancing pro!

PART 1: The Basics

Knox Harter gives a brief history of gogo dancing in popular culture, then breaks down an “alphabet” of go-to moves, while incorporating each participant’s unique personality and sense of style.

PART 2: Drills

Master the music, learn to think on your feet, and most importantly - entertain and HAVE FUN!


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Discover an under-utilized, sensual and classic burlesque tease in this two part workshop!
Knox Harter guides participants through everything to do with the stocking: from leg extensions, to swivels, to how to use the floor, and of course - the tease and reveal!

Participants are ask to bring their own nylon, thigh high stockings or stocking substitutes: high socks, leg warmers, etc.

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