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Performance groups and troupes are the unique experience of both individual skill building and growth, and learning together as a team. If you have a strong base, are looking for a unique set of challenges, and are craving the experience of a live audience, this may be the right fit for you!



The Rougettes are a professional performance troupe led by Randi Rouge. For those who have completed the Level 2 Group Performance class, this fabulous troupe will help you further enhance your skills by working with a group over a longer term, learning multiple choreographies with opportunities to perform. Please note, this troupe requires a longer term commitment, and there will be additional costs for costumes.

Since forming in 2018, the Rougettes have been burning up stages with their fun, high energy group routines choreographed by Randi Rouge.

The Rougettes have brought their special brand of sweetness and sass to performances at the Vermont Burlesque Festival, the Ottawa International Burlesque Festival, and many other shows in their hometown of Ottawa.

The chemistry of this gorgeous girl gang is undeniable and you'll feel the rush when they paint the stage rouge!

Troupe is currently full.

 Contact us to be put on the list to be notified about future opportunities

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Twisted Odditease


Twisted Odditease are a professional performance troupe led by Gigi, with acts that are predominantly neo-burlesque. Our merry band of misfits celebrates beauty and unity through diversity- in body, ethnicity, age, and ability. 


Admission is by interview/audition process, requires a longer term commitment and students must have taken Level 1 Beginner Burlesque and Level 2 Skill Session to be eligible.There will be additional costs for costumes.

Auditions are June 9th!




    In this professional troupe led by Stormy Divine, we get creative, challenge you, bring you lovingly out of your comfort zone and welcome you into the world of burlesque group performance. Although this troupe has a strong choreo focus, we also focus on performance tools, character work, costume planning, setting goals and creating an environment where our dance fam can build each other up and share constructive feedback. Our acts span across various musical genres. We dance, we work hard, but most of all we have fun and work together as a team!

    This troupe requires a longer term commitment.  Please note, in addition to the session fees, there are additional costs for costumes.

    Auditions are June 9th!


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