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Are you looking to create an act or refine a skill in a one-on-one setting? Private lessons might be for you! Whether you are looking to create a burlesque act, become a jazz funk aficionado or refine those bellydance moves, we've got you covered. Our professional and welcoming instructors will help you work through your ideas and goals in an inclusive and supportive environment.


Just A Taste: $135+tax


This allows you to book a single lesson with your favourite instructor to work on something specific to you.


**Private lessons are 1 hour and payment is due when finalizing your booking.


Each private lesson will include the following options: 


-the ability to send your instructor an optional video and info ahead of time to assist your instructor in preparing for your lesson

- a summary of the notes passed on during your lesson will be sent after the class if you wish

- a video of your progress will be taken for you at the end of your lesson to help with practice

- Additional resource links may be provided by your instructor if it fits with your goals.


Continuing Lessons Bundle:


If you are interested in working out an option to take private lessons regularly, payment plans can be worked out between yourself and the studio director along with potentially a regular recurring time slot. Ideally these would follow a schedule such as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to stay consistent with progress.


Please reach out if you have any questions:


Ready to book? Please fill out this form to submit your request for private lessons:

Click here to fill the form and submit your request 

Private Lesson-Just a Taste

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