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Gabrielle Adams has been studying dance for 18 years. She has performed many styles including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and is always looking for new ways to learn and grow as a dancer. Gabrielle's passion for dance has created a love of stage performance, from dance showcases to musical theatre, that she hopes to install in her students.


As one of the fundamental styles of dance, ballet is the perfect way to learn grace, beauty, and strength. This beginner workshop will cover the basics of ballet, focusing on developing control, musicality, and your ballet muscles!                    **Ballet Shoes not required**


Past workshop - ask to bring back

Learn the secrets of combining voice and dance for the burlesque stage with Victoria Vermouth! In this workshop, Victoria will teach you the building blocks to create your very own live vocal burlesque routine.

In the first part, she will dive into various physical techniques to maintain vocal and microphone control during vigorous movement.

In the second, she will provide you with the key to successfully structuring and costuming to bring your sing and fling routine up to its fullest potential.


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Learn what you need to know to get stage ready!

Koston Kreme will teach you the essentials for showgirl stage makeup and a few pinup hair tricks!

**Bring your makeup bag (Minimum lipstick and eyeliner) and a few hair necessities -comb, bobby pins and spray and get ready to feel glam!


Past workshop - ask to bring back

Building your Stage Persona & Honing your character for Burlesque On and Off Stage - Presented by Bella Barecatt 


In this workshop, Bella will teach you the burlesque fundamentals of stage presence and character building in order to create your own persona that will last the test of time.

There will be movement exercises and some best practices in order to stand out in a crowd. Bella will show you tips and tricks she picked up along her many years of performing regarding stage presence, etiquette, getting booked, and travelling. 


*Workshop is built for all levels of burlesque experience & ability.*


Past workshop - ask to bring back

Sassy Muffin is known for her campy and voluptuous approach to the Tease. In this workshop, Sassy will review the classic bumps and grinds of burlesque with a focus on her special brand of "bawdy-positivity". You will learn to "choreograph your face" to project your confidence to audiences of all sizes. You will celebrate your body - its unique shape and power.


It's getting colder out - let Sassy help you keep warm up this winter with a saucy dance routine, stronger confidence, and more self-love.


Past workshop

Looking to get the most out of that killer tune you've chosen? Do you find yourself mostly choreographing to the lyrics of a song and want to change it up a little?

Time to send your musical ear to bootcamp with this workshop!


Over this 90 minute workshop, you'll give your brain a workout as we explore beats, grooves, and internal rhythms. You will learn to break down a song into its individual parts and how to apply those to your act creation.


You'll leave with a stronger grip on musicality and a deeper personal understanding of music, including how these will help your act/character development and stage presence.


  **Come prepared with a notebook and pen**